Kulukulukulu, or in other words, "We are the wild turkeys of Hof van Eckberge!". You can hear this crazy sound from afar. The funny thing is, when you imitate them they respond instantly! They use this call to impress females. The wild turkey's original habitat is North and Central America. Wild turkeys like to eat seeds, grains, fruits, nuts, plants and insects. Come see them soon at our zoo and don't forget to call them!

General information wild Turkey

Scientific name: Meleagris gallopavo

Wild turkeys are known for the peculiar sound the males make to impress a female. The male is easily identified by the red wattles near his beak. Turkeys are also very resilient; with their claws and wings, they can be dangerous. In addition, the turkey can run at 40 kilometers per hour and fly as much as 90 kilometers per hour.

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