Our macaws, Kasimir and Dotje, are a cross between two colorful macaw species. This colorful species does not occur in the wild, but both of its ancestors, the blue and green wing macaw do. In the forests of Paraguay and Brazil, among others, they fly around in large groups. The macaws at Hof van Eckberge, on the other hand, love to sit quietly on a branch with a walnut. You can hear them squawking from afar!

General information harlequin macaw

Scientific name: Ara chloropterus x Ara ararauna

Harlequin macaws are parrots that evolved from 2 species, the green-winged macaw and the blue-yellow macaw. The Harlequin macaw species has been bred by humans. The harlequin macaw is green/blue in color on its wings, a green head, orange breast and long yellow, blue and green tail feathers. They have a very strong beak, it is black underneath and black/ivory on top. They use this to climb and also to crack nuts, for example.

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