Enter the battle!


Come play laser tag at our experience park and compete against your family and friends. Will you get the highest score?

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Laser gaming after 5:15 p.m.? Book easily online! We will confirm your reservation as soon as possible! Laser gaming before 5 p.m.? Then click here!

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Book a combi-deal from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. op Saturday and Sunday, including: 1x laser tag (12 minutes), 1 drink and 1 plate service dish of your choice for only €25!

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Laser tag in the jungle of Pina Lopa!

Looking for an adventure? Come laser tag at Hof van Eckberge, a unique experience! Board pilot Fritz's plane and depart for an exciting mission to the jungle of Pina Lopa. Along the way, problems arise and an emergency landing seems inevitable....

Imagine this: you find yourself in the middle of a jungle right after making an emergency landing with your plane. You see and experience this all around you. From now on, everyone fights for themselves. Play a spectacular game of laser tag with friends, family, colleagues, classmates or friends in the Netherlands

  • Pre-show with sound effects, vibration, smell and smoke
  • 400m² laser tag jungle
  • Team play or solo
  • Up to 14 people per heat
  • Suitable from 7 years and older

I would like to play laser tag, do I need to book in advance?

If you want to play laser tag before 5 p.m., reservations are not possible. Buy your tickets online and you can purchase tokens for our laser tag jungle when you arrive. Heats last 6 minutes and are played based on animosity. If you are with more than 8 people and only want to play laser tag, without visiting our park, please contact us. If you want to laser tag after 5:15 p.m., book online (NL).

What does laser tag cost at Hof van Eckberge?

You can play laser tag with us before 5 p.m. and after 5:15 p.m. Daytime heats last 6 minutes, after 5:15 p.m. they last 12 minutes. Click here for current laser tag prices.

Is the laser tag jungle suitable for all ages?

Laser tag is possible from +/- 7 years. In the laser game jungle it is dark and loud sound effects can be heard.


Until 5 p.m: € 4,- p.p. per heat of 6 minutes
After 5:15 pm: € 8,- p.p. per heat of 12 minutes
Exclusive: Entrance price, you will find these entrance prices here.
Laser tag is possible from +/- 7 years and our laser game is wheelchair accessible.
If you only come to laser tag and do not use our other facilities, we do not charge an adult entrance fee. You only pay for the laser game heats (one heat of 12 minutes at €8,- per person). Children up to 12 years always have to pay the entrance fee. Use of our play facilities is included for them during their stay

Laser tag, an immersive adventure

Put on a laser game vest, grab the laser gun and enter a dark jungle of over 400m² where danger is everywhere. From now on, it's every man for themselves. Or maybe not and work with a friend? No matter how you do it, make sure you hit as many opponents as possible with the laser gun beam, because you get points for it. Will you be the hero of the match?

The 400m² laser game jungle stretches over two floors. It offers the possibility of multiple players to play a game of laser tag at the same time. Each player is given a laser gun and a special vest with sensors. During the game, you carefully sneak through the corridors of the laser game jungle: a maze full of light and sound effects. The excitement is killing, but watch out for your opponents!

Birthday party with laser tag?

Laser gaming is also a cool addition for the children's birthday party. Divide the children into two teams, give them a plane ticket and they will compete together in the exciting jungle. After playing, a winner will be selected and the children will take home great memories!

Book a children's birthday party with laser tag (NL)

Laser tag for people with disabilities

People with disabilities can also participate in laser tag at Hof van Eckberge. The arena is equipped with a wheelchair accessible area and the first floor of our laser game room is wheelchair friendly. The special, safe place was created for people with disabilities to join the game. From the world's first "wheelchair shooting point," surrounded by walls with lowered shooting trenches victory now comes very close.

Reserve a laser tag heat online (NL) Book a combo deal online (NL)

A bite to eat before or after laser tag?

Do you want to get energized before the laser tag, or just replenish your energy reserves after the battle? Then take advantage of our deluxe buffet and various appetizers in the restaurant, this can be even easier if you book one of our all-inclusive packages in advance. For special requests, ask us about the possibilities.