Come bowl in our experience park and compete with your family and friends. Will you throw the first strike?

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Bowling at Hof van Eckberge

Come bowl on our modern white bowling alleys in the Netherlands. Compete with your friends and/or family and achieve the highest high score with strikes and spares, or secure your image by using our automatic bumpers. These bumpers ensure that the ball stays on the court and always ends up at the pins. Perfect for young children (and adults who would rather not lose...).

Prices Bowling

Per alley, per 25 minutes: €12,-
Per lane, per 55 minutes: €24,-
Exclusive: Entrance price, you will find these entrance prices here.
If you only come to bowl and do not use our other facilities, we do not charge an adult entrance fee. You only pay the rent of the bowling alley. Children up to 12 years old must always pay the entrance fee. Use of our play facilities is included for them during their stay.

*Om de 1,5 meter afstand te kunnen waarborgen zijn op dit moment de banen 1, 3 en 4 geopend. Baan 2 is tot nader order gesloten. Per 5 juni 2021 is het uitsluitend mogelijk om per huishouden een bowlingbaan te reserveren óf met maximaal 4 volwassenen die niet tot één huishouden behoren. Schoolreisjes en kinderfeestjes zijn een uitzondering hierop, omdat het hierbij kinderen in de leeftijd t/m 12 jaar betreft. In het restaurant hebben wij een desinfectiepunt.

Full service bowling

Watch teammates' performances from comfortable couches. Bringing a pen and paper to keep track of scores is not necessary. The digital scoreboard tracks all performance automatically and in real time. You can visit our self-service bar for a variety of snacks and drinks. Are you more hungry? Then take advantage of an extensive buffet on Saturday or Sunday or take a seat in the restaurant for a delicious dinner.

Bowling with a disability

Hof van Eckberge has excellent facilities for bowling with a disability. Our entire bowling alley is designed to be extremely suitable for people with disabilities, elderly people or people in wheelchairs. For example, we had the bowling lanes constructed at ground level and is wheelchair accessible. View all information about bowling with disabilities here (NL).

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