Enjoy your meal!

Welcome to our park restaurant!

After your visit to the zoo and the experience park, you have undoubtedly gotten hungry. A good time to find a nice spot on our (partly covered) terrace, or in our comfortable restaurant. With a view of the children, you can enjoy a cup of coffee, a pastry, an extensive lunch or a luxurious dinner in the form of a plate service or a full buffet!

Check out the options by selecting from the topics below. For more information about our park restaurant, click here.

Menu card

Discover the dishes on our menu. Lunch, plate service, pancakes, children's dishes and other delicacies!

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Unlimited food and drinks for a fixed price? Check out our all-inclusive packages for families and groups. Entrance to the park is included!

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Combi tickets

Entrance including a lunch dish or plate service dish of your choice? You can! Check out our discounted combi tickets and book online, it saves waiting time!

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Our working method

In our self-service park restaurant you can enjoy the most delicious drinks and dishes. From fancy coffees to Slimpie lemonade, from complete lunch dishes to French fries with snacks. You order your snacks from our self-service line, where drinks, pastries, candy, chips and healthy snacks are displayed. All of our dishes are prepared fresh! You receive a pager (a device that you take to the table and gives an alarm when you can pick up your dishes) and you enjoy your order in no time!

Some of our product range:

  • Hot drinks (and real hot chocolate)
  • Soft drinks and Slimpie lemonade
  • Beers and wines
  • Pastries and snacks
  • Fruit
  • (Children's) pancakes
  • Lunch dishes
  • Plate service dishes
  • And much more!

We always work with fresh and honest ingredients. Our chefs are also happy to accommodate dietary or allergy needs. When ordering, let us know what we need to consider and you can enjoy a carefree lunch, dinner or snack.

Note: bringing your own food and drink is not allowed in our park and restaurant. Baby food is an exception.

Visit our restaurant with a group

We have prepared special group packages (NL) for groups. So you are assured of a cozy place to dine together and enjoy an extensive buffet or barbecue, for example. Drinks are included in these packages without limit, so you are assured of a fixed price!

Covered terrace

In nice weather, enjoy a snack and drink in the sun on the (partially) covered and smoke-free terrace. All dishes can of course be eaten outside in nice weather, and the barbecue package (NL) is also very popular with our guests.

Festive activities

Our restaurant is also perfect for festive occasions such as the birthday of one of the family or relatives, the annual friends' day or the staff outing. You will enjoy snacks and drinks throughout the day, and in the late afternoon or early evening we will light the barbecue (NL)! Of course, you can also go and enjoy our dinner buffet (NL).

Do you desire a customized package for a party, wedding, corporate event or other celebration, for example? Of course, we are happy to realize customization to fully meet expectations. Please contact us (NL) for this.